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ChengKan 呈坎is a village founded more than 1800 years ago. Located about 40 kilometers from Huangshan. It was built according to the theory of the "Eight Trigrams” in the I Ching, Feng Shui. What you can see here is mostly Ming Dinasty period architecture, 1368AD-1644AD, living historical document of the application of FengShui principles into architecture. In a bird’s eye view ChengKan looks like a maze. There are 99 lanes across the village with 3 main streets. It is surrounded by hills and rivers where the main one is called Longxi river. This architecture in conjunction with the river of the village is believed to bring welfare and fortune to its residents.
ChengKan 呈坎 outskirts. A simple Chinese painting view.Chengkan 呈坎  ancient village.A small bridge over the river lake.Chengkan 呈坎  village view from the river.Chengkan 呈坎  village view from the river.Chengkan 呈坎  village view from the river.Over 700 years old pavillon bridge.Bridging 700 years of Fengshui architecture.The mill, 磨A view of ChengKan 呈坎 river side.Characteristic hutong wallsTypical narrow streets in ChengKanIrresistible stinky tofu!Solitary vegetable sellerBroken rain-water pipe.Entrance to a Hutong.

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