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A view of Venice in its coldest season, it couldn't be more appropiate for a black and white film.
On the way to VenicePortraitSighs' bridge during the dayBridge of Sighs - Ponte dei sospiri - at nightClassic view of Venice, with cloudsClock tower in S. Marco square. Torre dell'orologio in Piazza S. Marco.Industrial landscape.Sestiere di S. Marco"De La Malvasia" bridgeStradivariView of "Madonna della Salute" from S. Marco square.Doge's palace adjacent to Riva dei SchiavoniMadonna della SaluteView of Venice from Hotel Bucintoro.Industrial landscape.Venice Silhouette"Sottoportego del Milion". It is said that Marco Polo lived in this area of Venice.Rialto's bridge. Ponte di Rialto.Grand Canal from the Rialto's bridge.

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